Eric Fischer | Art Director

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A graduate of St. Edward’s University in Austin, Eric’s advertising career began while he was still a student, designing promo materials for country music artists like Gary P. Nunn and Wade Bowen. Years of ad agency work followed, culminating in nationally recognized pieces for President George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and the Ronald […]

Kristy Grieder | Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator

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Kristy Grieder, Account Coordinator, is a key team member who utilizes her keen skills in public relations, marketing, campaigns, and social media & project management. As a skilled writer and communicator, she develops press releases, pitches stories and takes pride in building strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with clients and members of the media. She relishes taking […]

Aldo Garza | Account Coordinator

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Aldo Garza is rising digital media producer with a background in customer service. He has worked with both corporate and non-profit clients, providing professional contributions as well as meaningful ideas and strategies. With an extensive skill set and imaginative vision, Aldo is able to carefully tailor projects to be original and highly effective. Having a […]

Teno Villarreal | Account Executive

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Teno uses his considerable marketing skills while playing a central role in daily account service, strategic planning, community affairs, public relations, and event promotions for several major accounts. He currently works with the following accounts: SolarHost SA and Launch SA. Teno’s strengths are in public affairs and community outreach. He takes pride in building strong, […]

Melissa Aguillon | President & CEO

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Melissa has been entrenched in government relations, community outreach, public relations and marketing for the last 20 years. Her past employers and current clients include public agencies and private organizations at the local, state and national levels. She has developed a recognized reputation, which she utilizes to assist her clients with making the appropriate connections and […]