Aldo Garza | Account Coordinator

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Aldo Garza is rising digital media producer with a background in customer service. He has worked with both corporate and non-profit clients, providing professional contributions as well as meaningful ideas and strategies. With an extensive skill set and imaginative vision, Aldo is able to carefully tailor projects to be original and highly effective.

Having a passion for graphic design, video editing, audio production and all things broadcast media, Aldo has matured into a versatile individual, capable of producing all aspects of various multimedia projects. By continuing a disciplined routine of experimentation and practice, he is able to keep creating thoughtful and cutting-edge content.

Aldo Garza is a graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Communication Studies. He has supplemented his knowledge of interpersonal communication with experience in retail and the food industry, gaining a keen ability to build and maintain strong relationships. He currently works as a social media assistant and account coordinator for Aguillon & Associates.